Knowledge-based Bioinformatics Optimization Research and Consulting Group


In the past decade rapid advances in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and microarray technologies have generated a massive amount of biology-related data. Today, utilizing these technologies, a typical research program could generate from tens of terabytes to petabytes of data from a single study. This has resulted in a paradigm shift in the scientific approach for bioinformatics data analysis, and has created a growing demand throughout the biomedical sciences for a greater understanding of knowledge-based systems and their application to high dimensional data. Analysis of this level of data requires a move from single goal optimization to multiple objective optimization, and smart (knowledge-based) experimental design.

To maximize the value of this modern type of data reservoir requires innovative bioinformatics solutions resulting from a close collaboration between computer scientists/bioinformatics specialists, cell biologists/genomics scientists, and medical professionals.


 At Expert Biosystems we offer expert bioinformatics, and biostatistics consulting services; this is to support both the discovery and development of biomarkers, as well as to enable an in-depth understanding of the biological aspects.

Research & Development

At Expert BioSystems we will partner with you from the initial design study right through to delivery of final analysis package, guiding you with our expertise and knowledge. We offer a wide range of customizable bioinformatics and biostatistics solutions to fulfill your research and development requirements.


At Expert Biosystems we provide customized Webinars, or on your site training for a wide range of bioinformatics tools and technologies. Our Team offers unique opportunities covering basic and advanced level Bioinformatics training.